Virginia Baptist Conference of the Deaf

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The goals of this conference shall be to encourage:

   a) To work together and maintain fellowship with all Southern Baptist Churches with deaf ministries.
   b) To search better ways to share the Lord Jesus.
   c) To advance the Kingdom of God within the church communities.
   d) To understand our role as Christians.
   e) To disciple leaders with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
   f) Affiliations:
      1) To be affiliated with the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV), and the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (SBCV).
      2) VBCD will cooperate to the fullest extent possible with all agencies of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the Southern Baptist Conference of the Deaf (SBCD) and the Association of Southern Baptist Interpreters of the Deaf (ASBID).
   g) To accept the Holy Scriptures as all-sufficient rule of faith and practice.
   h) To concur with the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the SBC in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1963.
   i) To elect its own officers and committees and to arrange for its own meetings.
   j) To work with interpreters for the deaf, and its elected leader.

The officers and committees shall do the work of the VBCD at the direction of the VBCD President and executive board. Advisors are members of the VBCD and shall be selected by the President, approved by the VBCD board. One of the responsibilities of the executive board shall include arranging for the annual VBCD conference and Mini-VBCD conference(s).


   President, Bob Rhoads

   1st Vice President, Buddy Burgess

   2nd Vice President, Anne Burgess

   3rd Vice President, Ross Gilson

   Treasurer, Don Ames

   Secretary, Meghann House


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